PAWS, Inc.
Pets Assisting 
Well-Being and Success

"Discovering the limitless potential of Animal Assited Therapy and Activities"

PAWS, Inc.
Paws, Inc. provides Alliance of Therapy Dogs* certified dog handler 
teams to the following areas for the purpose of enhancing existing programs:
Healthcare Professionals:
Providing physical, recreational, educational, occupational, speech, psychological and other therapies
Educational Professionals: 
Educatiing students with learning, organizational, emotional or behavioral challenges
PAWS, Inc. remains eager to explore new opportunities for the advancement of Animal Assisted Therapy and Activities.
*Registered trademark of Alliance of Therapy Dogs
Cheyenne, Wyoming
What Is Possible?
PAWS, Inc. was founded by special needs consultants who observed that their clients were more motivated, better focused, and completed tasks more efficiently when interacting with dogs. PAWS, Inc. was established with the goal of sharing the scientifically proven benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy and Activities, and to challenge traditional practices used in education, healthcare and other professions. PAWS, Inc. is a growing organization dedicated to researching, desigining and implementing Animal Assisted Therapy and Activities...with limitless potential.

About Our Placement Services

Safety Is Our Top Priority

All PAWS, Inc. dog handler teams are certified and insured by Alliance of Therapy Dogs and must meet rigorous standards for Animal Assisted Therapy and Activities. Our teams surpass these standards for excellence by receiving training in obedience, client assistance and sensitivity. PAWS, Inc. director of placement services recommends teams for visitation, as well as therapy, with the intent of meeting the unique needs of individuals in various settings. Our goal is to carefully match each client with an appropriate team, suited to enhance the existing services which are provided. When placing teams, PAWS, Inc. attempts to facilitate the most advantageous therapeutic interactions, having dog handler teams work independently, while focusing on the clients and professionals involved. We maintain regular communication with our dog handler teams, as well as liaison personnel in our facilities, to ensure that the highest standards for quality of care are maintained.